Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Oh where Oh Where has she been

i have been naughty with keeping up my blog ... somehow the tremendous energy required to move and navigate the waters of retirement (who knew there were so many forms in the universe) left me without much energy or focus left for sewing and blogging ... energy required for blogging took the biggest hit ... i have managed to finish up some UFOs

cleaning out 5 sheds and one large house did require some serious downsizing ... there was stuff in our sheds that had been there for 50 years ... it felt like i had to look at every single item and decide to keep, sell or throw away ... but enough of that story as it part of my past and the view is to the future

my new sewing room is mostly in place although i have some minor alterations in mind ... such as painting and hanging a cork board ....

i will  be  hanging several small white cupboards in a row on the wall above my APQS George .... they will hold thread and pretty little do-da's

because i use mostly fat quarters and use very little yardage storage is not as difficult ... i bought this great fat quarter storage from a local quilt shop that unfortunately went out of business

 i have set it on top of my library card catalog i was so over the moon to find for a reasonable price

i love the shelves up high which hold the CD cases full of my fat quarters

my husband took out the clothes rod and put full sized shelves in the closet to hold all the unsightly stuff of quilting...

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