Friday, August 2, 2013

New design and the table runner

when one of my work colleaques asked if i would make her a table runner i knew immediately what i would make for her...i have let the design rattle around in my head for several months while putting all the elements together in my head...yesterday i whipped out the paper and pen...within about 15 minutes i had my design on paper

i have cut the paper with a curve at the end...i will just flip it over to cut the other end...i bought i meter of fabric...cut it in half and sewed it together so the runner will be about 18 by 60...she has a large table...

some of the preliminary drawings for the trees and the bears....the northern lights i will just free hand cuts

 tree design...will cut each piece out and fuse it to the fabric...then raw edge appliqué the edges...i want it to rag up somewhat and add some texture to the trees


Anonymous said...
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Lin said...

What a lovely design - hope to see it finished soon.