Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Around the Sun in 360 days

last summer on August with eclipse fever taking over north america i started a medallion quilt ... don't ask me why ... the urge just struck me and off i went ... maybe i needed an hand appliqué project to keep me busy in the evenings 
starting out with about 44 inches of fabric and marking the centre ... from there i just drew a line across the middle each way and then with my ruler i drew spokes radiating outward using the degree markings on my ruler ... as i added to it i found i needed to put marking lines in between my orginal wedge lines...
digging through my fabric bin i found a leaf fabric which radiated outward also ... 
my medallion grew as it went without any plan in mind ... i just started appliquéing by hand different pieces in each outward radiating circle...
i did worry somewhat my spokes were not always dead on but as it progressed it is hard to tell which ones are not exactly even...
so without further ado here is my medallion waiting for borders ...

detail of one corner


opposite corner detail

time to add the borders and then hand stitch another border after that one... my plan is ovals which may become my new circles  

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

design wall overload

just how many projects can you fit on your design wall before it is overloaded. it seems for me that is about 4-5 projects.

first off is my martian flowers quilt. 

you can see the first finished blocks at the top of the design wall, the lower left is a photo of my daughter and her horse during winter break from university about 12 years ago. i love that photo.
the middle far right is photos of my granddaughter and some art work by her and my grandson. so my design wall also functions  as an art gallery
close up of jellyfish martian flower

next project
 these are my blocks for a BOM at one of the local guilds. they will be moving off the wall this week.
next project
 a design i am working on

 next project
part of block i am working on for BOM

so that totals 4 projects and that is overload.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

martian flowers doodles

working out ideas thru my sketchbook ... loving it 

empty petals... 

long petals hmmmmm!

just plain weird but "if you do it alone that's weird but if you do it 
together it is a club
so where does all this lead ... stay tuned

hooking up with sewfreshquilts and Lets Bee Social 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Martian flowers

have you ever wondering what flowers on mars would look like if they grew there? 
i like to believe if flowers do grow on mars they are brightly coloured and very exotic…perhaps purples and yellows mixed together with some acid greens…maybe some aqua and burgundy with blue…the possibilities are endless…just thinking gets my creative juices flowing…oh-la-la!!!!!!!!!!!! i did spend some time last week just cutting out shapes with my scissors…mixing them together to see what shapes please me when i think about creating exotic flowers
curving paisleys, circles, squares, triangles, circles within circles…an endless range of options for creating flower images…
any ideas people…come on let your imagination run wild as the saying goes

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

A hex or a curse

this quilt has been somewhat of a curse for me ... i enjoyed doing the handwork of english paper piecing but the sheer volume of hours to complete this quilt soon became daunting ... i put it away and soon the weight of another UFO started to weigh on me ... i hauled it out with a plan of sewing it on a background and calling it finished ... there was one large hexagon which was missing ... oh well i said i will figure out what to put in that large hole ... about this time i mentioned it to my group of new quilting friends and Melissa said " i started that same quilt but i am never going to go any further on it perhaps one of my hexagons will work ... and amazing she brought them over and one fit in the hole with just a bit of work ... 

you can see the added hexagon in the upper left hand corner... thank you Katja Marek for the experience...