Sunday, June 4, 2017

Circling circling circling

we just returned yesterday from an overnight boating journey which turned into 6 days ... although not well prepared to spend an extra 4 days away i did take enough sewing to last until the final day which we spend fishing
i have been spending my evenings and car/boat time hand appliqueing circles onto low volume 6 1/2 squares ... these are some of my finished squares for our trip ... i am finding hand stitching to be very relaxing not to say how portable it is
 we spend most of our time tied up at Gorge Harbour Marina on Cortes Island ... the marina was a lovely spot with a pool, hot tub, laundry, store and beautiful gardens ... we walked, sewed, read books and dreamt ... our last day there we felt very adventurous and hitchhiked into the nearest town for lunch ... not to worry it is a way of life on the island and we were told it was safe ... we met some wonderful people all of whom had their own stories to tell 
i love to hear people's life stories and everyone has one to tell ... what story would you tell me if we were in a car together?

Monday, May 1, 2017

aurifil schoolbus

what's a boy to do when he can't find his fisher price little people in his toy box?   

a raid of grandma's sewing room is in order ... and load that bus up with multiple spools in different colours of Aurifil thread 
loading up those spools for a quick cruise

 loading up those thread spools

off for a spin around grandma's hallways in that vintage fisher price school bus

these "kids" are hanging out at the back of the bus ... lets hope they are not getting in too much trouble

unload and pick up a new set of "kids" for a ride around my house
ready! set! drive! 
off to school we go 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Christmas is over and i have finally finished my easter runner

i started a runner for my Easter table 2 years ago ... i managed to get all the yo-yo's sewn on and was starting to machine appliqué the vines and bunnies ... after looking at it many times i decided i was not happy with the overall look ... so i took all the yo-yo's off and started again ... 

i used smaller sizes of yo-yo's which i like much better ... so now i am ready for Easter ... yahoo

detail of the runner with the smaller size yo-yo's ... taking off the larger yo-yo's allowed me to fit 2 smaller yo-yo's between the larger ones and gave me more negative space in the background
it was a bright and sunny but chilly day at the beach
love the look of this runner laying in the snow and logs
runner pattern can be found in Kim Diehl's book Simple Seasons published by Martingale

Monday, February 27, 2017

Blog Hop ... magic happens here

A recent move of about 1000 kilometres also brought with it a downsize ... so instead of a much larger room with overflow i have had to seriously downsize my "stuff". This has meant i am in a small way starting from scratch ... when my LQS went out of business i snapped up her CD storage boxes painted them white and filled them with my fat quarters. Those fat quarters look fabulous stored in their little boxes ... next because i had 9 foot ceilings to work with my husband mounted white shelving close to the ceiling leaving enough room to place those little boxes filled with jewel toned fabric ... i love big mess of colour and that is what i got ...

my design wall is something i love ... i had worked without one for the last 3 years as i took both of my design walls down, crack filled and painted walls in my previous sewing room so we could list it for sale ... but that process took much longer then we had anticipated ... i am loving my wall ... which is flannel covered pink insulation board from home depot and hung using Velcro commands strips ... i can take it down and recover without damaging my wall ...
 i love my design wall with works in progress ... the one on the right is a rag baby quilt mu granddaughter and i are in the process of making 

my cork board received a new coat of paint ... a place to hang inspiration ... one piece a gift from my oldest sister bought on the street in Italy ... a painting from Costa Rica ... and a card from the Ghent altarpiece in Belgium ... i love all 3 pieces for their diverse richness

some of the drawers of a card catalog i found in a second hand store ... they hold bobbins, buttons, and all manner of small objects

more storage in these small white cupboards i found and repainted white ... colour looks so wonderful and vibrant when snuggled up to a white surface 

i love this little Ganesha i found wrapped in the seaweed at the beach ... all manner of jetsam and flotsam find a home with me ... the give inspiration and make me smile

a large set of drawers bought at Ikea hold my thread which is stored by colour

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Thursday, January 5, 2017

WIP sneak peek

here is a sneak peek at my current work in progress ... hoping it will be finished tomorrow and then it is off to get quilted 

... aiming to enter a local show in April ... it is a juried show which i have never done before ... so fingers crossed
 pile of fat quarters and fabric i used in my quilt