Friday, September 9, 2016

here is my first pattern; a row by row

the row by row craze has taken over the quilting world ... i have not been bitten by the row by row bug ... not sure how i have immunity but i do have it ... my friend Douwette on the other hand has been bitten very hard ... we recently moved and she has had me driving about collecting row by row in my new neighbourhood ... so i decided i would design a row with her in mind ... her family and her immigrated from South Africa 10 years ago ... she was struck by all things Canadian and fell in love with our wildlife, snowmen and that quilting was possible on a much larger scale here due to cost ... 
this is the first pattern i have written up and published ... it was a wonderful experience and i do plan to continue to design and write up my patterns ... this pattern depicts Douwette, Lukas and their 3 sons Hendrik, Louis, and Douw ... i hope she likes it