Sunday, March 13, 2016

elephants move very slowly

my elephants are moving very slowly as i imagine elephants in nature do…unless they are charging…i have fortunately only since videos of this…but i am sure if i was in a game park this would happen to me…so far i have been charged by a bear, a moose, a deer, a horse, a cow, and don't laugh a woodchuck…almost flipped out of my kayak by a sea lion and had a whale surface right beside me… back to my elephant
 here he/she is hanging for the riding ring fence
 lying in the snow with the first border sewn on…these are 3 inch nine patch blocks…that makes each piece 1" square…and yes i cut each one and sewed them into blocks…lots of work but i love the look…the top side shows the next border sewn on…it is lovely turquoise colour…one of my favourite colours

working on the next border all ready and am going to start with the flowers to decorate the elephant and his/her blanket