Wednesday, February 17, 2016

circles circles and more circles

somehow and i don't know where or when i fell in love with circles…maybe it is "there is no beginning and there is no end" somewhat like the song lyrics…

I feel it in my fingers
I feel it in my toes
The love that’s all around me
And so the feeling grows
It’s written on the wind
It’s everywhere I go
So if you really love me
Come on and let it show
You know I love you, I always will
My mind’s made up by the way that I feel
There’s no beginning, there’ll be no end

when i made my "twice in a blue lizard" quilt is used circles in the sashing between the blocks…i really loved the look…but oh my i have forgotten how long it took me to make all those circles…so once again i decided to use those scrappy circles but this time in the second border for my "elephant quilt"…i figure i will need about 100 circles…using Karen Kay Buckley perfect circles templates has lessened the work...
although i do enjoy the quiet hand work done while drinking my coffee in a silent house in early morning hours

Sunday, February 14, 2016

simple not likely

one more simple whatnot is pieced and waiting for quilting…generally i quilt these very simply with mostly stitching in the ditch and let the little beauties speak for themselves...
 first of four centre blocks

 two of the centre blocks together

center sewn together love that gingham and blue green flowered fabrics
all together and hanging on the easel waiting for me to sandwich and quilt it up…this is "Anthem" from collection #3