Saturday, January 2, 2016

setting intentions for the new year

how does one go about setting intentions…and why do i feel it is important to do so this year and not in years past…maybe as i age and yes i am 63 this year i feel the need to concentrate and focus on what is truly important…so what is truly important…is it making quilts…quilting quilts…or the entire process…using patterns of others or going my own way and using only my patterns…do i venture into pattern development…i see many posts about setting intentions for the new year and i feel behind the 8 ball here as i have not figured out my intentions for the year…and will i figure it out at all and is it truly important? i will keep you posted as the year goes on…but for right now i am off to do some hand stitching on my millefiore quilt…finishing this quilt is not in my intentions for this year…but i do plan to get to work on my "elephant" quilt


What Comes Next? said...

For me it is making sure I am still having fun! Happy New Year!

judys said...

Why do we need to do this on Jan 1st anyway?? I'd just as soon decide as I go, and carry on.