Saturday, January 30, 2016

elephant festivals

many many moons ago i said my thoughts had turned to elephants…well that was true my thought were there but not in any gathered organized way…some time ideas have to roll around in your brain for a long time…which is where this idea had been rolling around and around...

 the initial design plan worked out on scrap paper between patients
 elephant made of poster board 
yes she/he is going to be about 24 x 36 as a centre medallion…finally i have something on paper…yahooooooo!…now onto getting it cut out and appliqu├ęd to background fabric

Thursday, January 28, 2016

more simple whatnots finished

i have been making an effort to finish up the Kim Diehl " simple whatnot's" collection #1 kits i have…so this is number 5 of 6…Hopscotch she calls it although it looks like butterscotch to me…
centre of the centre medallion 
 split pomegranates

 i love the colours of this collection


binding on and hanging on my easel…loving the way it looks…final measurements are 28 x 28

Sunday, January 10, 2016

this rosette is growing

each hexagon takes me at least one day for completion…i try to have one ready to sew and spend my coffee and meal breaks at work hand stitching…i do find this work calming and enjoyable…for several weeks coming into christmas and several weeks during my holidays my attention was focused on family…but for a few days now i have moments to sit and sew…mostly due to traveling home…so this rosette is growing
two hexagons are not sewn in yet and i still have 5 to make before this hexagon is finished and can be added to the finished ones…at present this rosette measures 35 x 25 inches and should finish up at 35 x 30 inches…finished it will have 26 hexagons…the finished quilt will have a total of 246 hexagons

Saturday, January 2, 2016

setting intentions for the new year

how does one go about setting intentions…and why do i feel it is important to do so this year and not in years past…maybe as i age and yes i am 63 this year i feel the need to concentrate and focus on what is truly important…so what is truly important…is it making quilts…quilting quilts…or the entire process…using patterns of others or going my own way and using only my patterns…do i venture into pattern development…i see many posts about setting intentions for the new year and i feel behind the 8 ball here as i have not figured out my intentions for the year…and will i figure it out at all and is it truly important? i will keep you posted as the year goes on…but for right now i am off to do some hand stitching on my millefiore quilt…finishing this quilt is not in my intentions for this year…but i do plan to get to work on my "elephant" quilt