Monday, December 28, 2015

milliefiori quilt

i am alive and quilting…i have been working but just not posting my work, ideas…i have been pretty fixated on working on my version of millefiore... a quilt designed by Katja Marek of Kamloops, BC, Canada…she is hosting a quilt along using her book The New Hexagon…you can find instructions for creating your own millefiore on her website…she is also hosting a Facebook group with over 7000 followers…this quilt is taking the web by storm…her book is the #1 seller at martingale books for 2015...
 the start of the first hexagon…each individual hexagon is 3 inches in size
i decided to go more monochromatic after the first hexagon and choose to stay with corals and pinks for this hexie
…a yellow and chartreuse hexie joined on

the centre of a purple hexie…darn that fussy cutting stuff is harder then it looks
next round of the purple being added...