Tuesday, August 4, 2015

20 dolls and my mind has turned to elephants

so after so long i can't remember when i first had the idea to do a doll quilt i am "finished"!!!!!!!!!!!!
 blowing in a summer breeze

love this cabbage fabric…making those yo-yos was so much fun!
some of the heart and yo-yo detail on one doll

 happy smiling little girls

my dolls all in a row
ok girls now it is time to move on to?


Quilting Babcia said...

And well worth waiting to see the finish - I love it!! So very cheerful and bright. Elephants huh? I'm thinking musk-ox in your territory.

Heidi said...

Beautiful quilt! This is one of those that I would love to admire in a show, all the luscious fabrics & handwork!

andrea @ tideline quilts said...

What a fun, fanciful, whimsical beauty of a quilt! Thanks so much for sharing it!

Laurie Matthews said...

Great quilt! Awesome quilting and fun bright colors.

Kat said...

Cute! So much better than a sunbonnet sue.

PK Sews said...

How absolutely beautiful and delightful! I could stare at all the colors and little details and differences in this quilt for a long time. What a treasure.

Patchwork DailyDesire said...

This is a piece of ART! Thank you for sharing!!!