Monday, December 28, 2015

milliefiori quilt

i am alive and quilting…i have been working but just not posting my work, ideas…i have been pretty fixated on working on my version of millefiore... a quilt designed by Katja Marek of Kamloops, BC, Canada…she is hosting a quilt along using her book The New Hexagon…you can find instructions for creating your own millefiore on her website…she is also hosting a Facebook group with over 7000 followers…this quilt is taking the web by storm…her book is the #1 seller at martingale books for 2015...
 the start of the first hexagon…each individual hexagon is 3 inches in size
i decided to go more monochromatic after the first hexagon and choose to stay with corals and pinks for this hexie
…a yellow and chartreuse hexie joined on

the centre of a purple hexie…darn that fussy cutting stuff is harder then it looks
next round of the purple being added...

Monday, September 7, 2015

Can i wash that quilt you made me?

most of my quilts require many many hours of work and sometimes take several years to complete…altho i don't work on them full time…severals week ago my sister accidentally got wine on one of my quilts…to say i came slightly unglued would be true…for this i am truly sorry as sisters are much more important then "things "…my most wise daughter said " Well mom you need to make some quilts that are ok for people to use"…how did she get so wise…Good parenting!…yes she does read this blog…so i started on that project this afternoon…

i decided to do a simple nine patch quilt…i started with some scraps from my bin…great use of some of those fabrics…i will be using some of my seemly endless supply of fat quarters

love these colours…grey and orange

green and aqua…fresh and modern
more to come as i work on getting some of those scraps cut and sewn…looking forward to seeing the progress

Sunday, August 23, 2015

kids in your sewing space

in mid january i became the proud grandmother of a cute little boy…such a treat because as my son-in-law said when our granddaughter was born " i knew we would have girl because your family doesn't have boys…which is true…mostly girls so the boys are such a treat…all 3 of them…well now all 4 of them…my little boy has finally learned to move about..
 ok Lukas just what do you think you are doing…that quilt was all laid out..
 yes grandma i know but aren't i just the cutest little thing…yes and the world's biggest flirt
 how can anyone get upset with this cute little boy
 even the pattern isn't safe anymore…cubuz (translate from 3 year old speak into becuz) i eat paper for a snack
cute little auburn haired lad isn't he…but a terror in my sewing space...

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

20 dolls and my mind has turned to elephants

so after so long i can't remember when i first had the idea to do a doll quilt i am "finished"!!!!!!!!!!!!
 blowing in a summer breeze

love this cabbage fabric…making those yo-yos was so much fun!
some of the heart and yo-yo detail on one doll

 happy smiling little girls

my dolls all in a row
ok girls now it is time to move on to?

Monday, July 27, 2015

Wool in the summer, strange but true

i have been spending some time working with felted wool…several years ago i bought a kit or should i say kits from 
wild thymes pattern co.  there are 12 blocks in all and borders to make a wool quilt…
pattern for 1 of 12 blocks, they came kitted with pattern and felted wool

yes there is lots of hand work but wool is so warm and soft to work with…the comfort just draws one in

we have had a stunning summer so far…loving to sit on my deck (yes it does need refinishing but twice in 2 years is enough for me)(going to go with composite decking next summer)
and stitch in the shade listening to water gurgle in our pond..
 partly finished, still some work to be done

Monday, June 22, 2015

working on my new to me christmas quilt

well it is june already…before we know it summer will be over and it will be fall…did i just say that? so i started working on my christmas quilt…i just love this pattern

i choose softer fabrics rather then bright reds, pinks, and greens shown…i choose to go with soft aqua and grey…

i love the way in which the edges are sewn into orange peels, it gives the branches dimension…

each branch will be sewn in a curve to create sweeping branches…more to come…as this pattern sews up easy after the cutting phase…which is also pretty fast...

Monday, May 25, 2015

kelp quilt

i love the ocean…do you think it is due to negative ions created by the wave action along sandy shore lines…cool crisp air…warm sunshine…shells…i love to walk the tide line and see what each tide has washes up…

floating through rafts of bull kelp in my kayak

we have spend several summers kayaking around coastal islands off our coast…the one thing which attracts me time and time again is bull kelp…i like to watch it move with in the water column…its fronds streaming out along the water surface…to just sit still in my kayak and watch the fronds move, is like lying under a palm tree and watching those fronds move in the wind…creates a sense of calm

rafts of bull kelp with "little sail" jellyfish

even when kelp has washes up and is left on stranded on the sand it lays there just as the water left it when it receded…still one can see the movement and imagine that kelp riding the waves which bring it up and strand that kelp in the sand.

i have little drawings in my sketchbooks of bull kelp and am ready to start a table runner based on these sketches... i think the hardest task will be to capture bull kelp frond movement…to translate the 3 dimensional movement into 2 dimensions 

older sketches from several years    


 more recent sketches from this year

 drawing from my sketchbook

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

giveaway day

this giveaway is brought to you by sherry and darlene…i blog here at adventures in life and my friend Darlene works as a long arm quilter at Lilac Lane Quilting here in vanderhoof…Darlene's quilting is simply lovely…
an image of a Darlene Wiebe quilted customer quilt
several years ago when i was off work on stress leave Darlene lovingly took me in when i "pitched up" at her quilting shed…i have tried to repay her kindness by working in the shed, cleaning labelling quilt, trimming quilts…she refers to me as "my shop slave" which i find a term of endearment…during on of our cleaning jobs Darlene gave me these panels to use for a giveaway on my blog so here we are folks…panels and fabric to make 4 different christmas stockings…yes i know it is early but really you will be finished well head of the deadline of December 25th if you start now...

enough fabric to make 2 stocking in this panel

flip side of the panel

two stocking panels with backing fabric... love the cute little snowmen on this stocking panel….
i will ship internationally so this giveaway is open to everyone…just leave me a comment and tell me something, anything what ever crosses your mind
this draw is open until monday at 9pm PST
hooking up with

this giveaway is closed
the winner is Pauline who had this to say
Great giveaway - I make Christmas stockings for my local women's shelter and these would be great! Thanks.

Monday, May 4, 2015

19 dolls and counting

19 dolls and counting!!!!!!!!!!!! getting ready to sew sashing between the blocks…loving these little dolls…a great mess of colour…just how i like it…colour everywhere…not sure how i ended up in northern canada when i love all the colours of the tropics…did some one make a mistake…
  i made little bias strips using clover bias tape makers in four different sizes
 rather then make each strip separately which would have meant sewing 2 inch strip across each sash…i make each strip 4 inches and then cut them in half…once placed in between blocks there is enough variation to make each sash look different
 using my open toe appliqué foot and moving my needle position to the right i am able to sew close to each edge...
 the little strips create a look of dolls floating on a background of coloured lines
 each doll is so different but has common elements to tie her to the grouping
bring on this great "mess of colour"