Wednesday, October 15, 2014

christmas is around the corner people

i am not one who sews much for christmas but this year i have been working on tree skirt…well that was not what this piece started it's life out as…i originally planned to use it as a wall hanging but it just was not working how my brain visualized it…so a new life was born….guess what... it is now tree skirt..i have needed a more modern updated version of a tree skirt for sometime now…so here we go
getting to watch the northern lights is one of life's wonders…they dance and move across the sky…the design of this now tree skirt came to me while i laid on my back wrapped in my quilt and watched them one winter night…the trees surrounding my yard give my this view…the tops surround me…creating on circle around the light show...
ah the movement of dance…and the colours of trees…create a cool but not cold feeling

next is to cut the slit in and a circle from the middle…then comes more fun sandwiching and quilting it…then it will be ready for binding…hand stitching on a cold winter evening with mint tea and music…ahhhhh there are some truly wonderful things about cold long winters

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Can you spell "OBSESSION"

Obsession: the state of being obsessed with someone or something. 

this is where i found myself over the summer…totally obsessed…it all started off in the most innocent of ways and then that obsessive gene of mine just took for and the next i knew i was once again spiralling into another quirky obsession…fortunately it as not long lived and gave me something to do while road trips to visit with my daughter…well with what you may ask…have a look for yourself…

yo-yos the most obsessive thing i have done this year…it is so easy…i just used clover quick-yo-yo-makers in different sizes…

small ones, medium ones and larger ones, ovals and just what i love a big mess of colour…almost covering the table of my APQS George

 yes they do spill right out of that basket…all 450 of them…i started out making just a few to add to a quilt i am currently  working on and the next thing i knew i had 450…i think i did it for the challenge of it...

 they are going to look just how i envision on that quilt..