Tuesday, April 1, 2014

finally found that piping fabric so now my WIP will be a completed work soon

you know how it buy that fabric loose the fabric and then purchase more fabric, then find the original fabric...well i misplaced my fabric so i could make piping for my quilt "twice in a blue lizard"...darn it all...after all i had made a point of cutting up both fabric for piping and binding so i would not loose the fabric into my stash...i knew where the binding was...wound on a cone and ready for use...o' where o'where did that little dog go, o'where, o'where can he be...finally found it in  basket of fabric waiting for me to start my new now i can get to work on the piping tomorrow and perhaps if it is a good day with sunshine on my shoulder i will get the piping and binding on...
 ready for the piping and binding
lizards crawling in the snow
big swollen belly on this one 
 fussy cut this panel to get this look
the second "blue lizard"
some detail of my quilting

hooking up to