Friday, February 28, 2014

babies babies babies

i work in a as you can guess there is an endless supply of babies...i do like to have quilts made for those little bundles of joy but it is sometimes hard to keep my supply up with the i have started to cut my leftovers into 5 inch squares and 2 1/2 inch strips...i made to nice rag quilt with my cotton 5 inch squares...i put 4 inch batting squares in between the cotton squares for extra warmth

                                                       front and back view of baby rag quilt...bright and warm 

 i love those mitered corners of the bordered receiving blankets...i happened across the cutest cow flannel

aren't these just about the cutest cows you have ever warm and cute ,

look they are even eating hay...what great facial expressions these little cows have...

i also made just a very plain receiving blanket some people like just plain stuff...not everyone is so crazy over cows...the truth be told i actually don't like cows that much...they always seemed to know when mu father was gone and broke through the fence...oh yes and then there is the milking part...not much fun i can tell you

this lovely little green and blue is going to have a good home in a couple of weeks i hope...can't wait until i get to meet the little fellow
this flannel rag quilt will probably go to the same home as it has fabrics in it from a special friend who is no longer with us...


What Comes Next? said...

lots and lots of baby quilts and blankets! You have been busy, but it is a fabulous way to try to keep scraps under control.

Valerie Reynolds said...

These ARE the cutest cows! And I love your quick and simple way of make receiving blankets! Be sure to watch Tuesday Archives for: A: Animals B: Baby
and R: Receiving Blankets...thus post has lots of rejuvenation in it's future! LOL!!

Valerie Reynolds said...

PS after looking around, I added myself as a GFC follower! Nice to meet ya! Val from