Sunday, November 16, 2014

hey blogathon canada this is what i am up to at the moment!

Hello Canada, Welcome to my blog…thank you to Sew Sisters for sponsoring this Blogathon...

this past weekend i attended a 3 day in town quilt retreat…my plan was to work on several projects…the first of which was to be a table runner for christmas…dark teal background with a white and gold flange and a light teal border…the centre was white poinsettieas…sounds easy i thought…i can do this no problem…hahahahahahaha! normally i just start my work with some general direction i want to go…colours are picked sometimes but not always…mostly i just follow my brain around…so i have followed a pattern once or twice but that is always somewhat of a struggle for me…OMG now you tell me the points are suppose to match…Ok i'm out is what i usually think when i see those patterns…first i had to trace all the little petals of each poinsettia…not hard but generally boring…hours of by and finally i have them all trace but the fusible web will not stick well…#$&&^%$##…but it does stick to my applique i struggle along none to happily…hours go by and i am almost to the point of tears…my friend Darlene sews up the background for me…my friend Douwette comforts me and tell me to "stop letting the monkey drive my bus"…finally i have the flowers made and clinging to the background…yes just clinging…Darlene agrees to bring me different fusible web in the morning…i collapse into bed @1am…ah but sleep includes me…finally at 3 am in fall asleep downstairs on the sofa…4am finds me awake again…up to bed and finally back to sleep…6:30 am i am up for good…
 doesn't look hard does it? but i bit of a challenge for me….
i like the colours i chose…all the different greens for leaves play well against the dark background

back to the retreat…no fusible web yet so i set to doing what Douwette told me to do the night before…go back to your scissors and cut out what you want to do…so out comes Kona solids in a variety of colours, out comes the mat, rotary cutter and my treasured Kai scissors…i cut and piece for about 30 minutes and this is the end result…my friends were right…it would have been way easier for me to just cut out the petals freehand…next time that is exactly what i am going to do.

this took me about 30 minutes to design and cut out..

here it is with the background elements added

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

christmas is around the corner people

i am not one who sews much for christmas but this year i have been working on tree skirt…well that was not what this piece started it's life out as…i originally planned to use it as a wall hanging but it just was not working how my brain visualized it…so a new life was born….guess what... it is now tree skirt..i have needed a more modern updated version of a tree skirt for sometime now…so here we go
getting to watch the northern lights is one of life's wonders…they dance and move across the sky…the design of this now tree skirt came to me while i laid on my back wrapped in my quilt and watched them one winter night…the trees surrounding my yard give my this view…the tops surround me…creating on circle around the light show...
ah the movement of dance…and the colours of trees…create a cool but not cold feeling

next is to cut the slit in and a circle from the middle…then comes more fun sandwiching and quilting it…then it will be ready for binding…hand stitching on a cold winter evening with mint tea and music…ahhhhh there are some truly wonderful things about cold long winters

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Can you spell "OBSESSION"

Obsession: the state of being obsessed with someone or something. 

this is where i found myself over the summer…totally obsessed…it all started off in the most innocent of ways and then that obsessive gene of mine just took for and the next i knew i was once again spiralling into another quirky obsession…fortunately it as not long lived and gave me something to do while road trips to visit with my daughter…well with what you may ask…have a look for yourself…

yo-yos the most obsessive thing i have done this year…it is so easy…i just used clover quick-yo-yo-makers in different sizes…

small ones, medium ones and larger ones, ovals and just what i love a big mess of colour…almost covering the table of my APQS George

 yes they do spill right out of that basket…all 450 of them…i started out making just a few to add to a quilt i am currently  working on and the next thing i knew i had 450…i think i did it for the challenge of it...

 they are going to look just how i envision on that quilt..

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I'm Back!

yes i have been MIA…doing some work but now fall has arrived outdoor activities no longer have their same appeal…coffee on the deck is not attractive at all…my deck was covered with frost at 6:30 am…sure not sitting out there with my coffee…sure makes my sewing room more attractive at such an early hour…but not all thoughts of summer have disappeared i am working on a quilt for summer outings…
 working at using up some of my scraps…i have been cutting my scraps into 5" squares and 2 1/2 " strips…so i dug out some 5" squares and sewed them together randomly...
 hey i am going to use it for picnics right so i may as well start out with ants…at least i invited them
 a bit of fusible adhesive and some hem stitch with invisible thread  and these ants will be joining my family and i for good food and lots of laughter
come on little ant lets go outdoors and eat drink and make merry

Saturday, May 24, 2014

What i did this saturday

i have been MIA for some time…i have just been working on pattern development rather then sewing…lucky for me in April EQ7 became available for us Mac users…i bought it and have been spending many hours learning how it works and working on patterns…i have been enjoying this work…although at times it has been frustrating for sure…i am not a computer nerd...

 this is the block i finished sewing on thursday from the pattern i made using EQ7
choose fabrics, figured out measurements and cut fabric for this block yesterday…sewed it together today
 completed this block today…love it…
going to design and complete enough to make up a baby quilt…should need 9 blocks as these are 12 1/2 by 12 1/2 inch squares…add sashing, borders and poof a baby quilt

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Friday, May 16, 2014

blogger's quilt festival

so it is time for the quilt festival once again…it is so much fun to see all the quilts people have slaved over for the last year or more… i am entering my quilt "twice in a blue lizard"…i enjoyed making this quilt…the whimsy and colour is so me…i love colour and lots of it...
 "twice in a blue lizard " is an original design of mine…as you can see it has 2 blue lizards
 some of the detail of the quilting in my quilt…i wanted lots of movement in the quilting…i choose to have curves in the borders…and i quilted wavy parallel lines surrounding the lizards to look like grass or water…to mimic nature.
all the circles in the sashing were made using Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Circles…the lizards were drawn free hand and applied using a fusible product...both the circles and the lizards were appliqu├ęd on their backgrounds using monopoly thread and a hem stitch
one of the 2 blue lizards on the quilt.
here this little purple lizard is partly camouflaged by the shadows of the spruce tree branches

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

finally found that piping fabric so now my WIP will be a completed work soon

you know how it buy that fabric loose the fabric and then purchase more fabric, then find the original fabric...well i misplaced my fabric so i could make piping for my quilt "twice in a blue lizard"...darn it all...after all i had made a point of cutting up both fabric for piping and binding so i would not loose the fabric into my stash...i knew where the binding was...wound on a cone and ready for use...o' where o'where did that little dog go, o'where, o'where can he be...finally found it in  basket of fabric waiting for me to start my new now i can get to work on the piping tomorrow and perhaps if it is a good day with sunshine on my shoulder i will get the piping and binding on...
 ready for the piping and binding
lizards crawling in the snow
big swollen belly on this one 
 fussy cut this panel to get this look
the second "blue lizard"
some detail of my quilting

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

30/30 challenge wrap-up

i did lots this month...lots of quilting...lots at work as we moved ER to its temporary home while our old home is being renovated...kind of like camping but we are doing it...having my quilting to look forward to has been a blessing...i finished the projects i set out to i achieved my goal...whoot whoot!!!!!!! high five yourself everyone who took part!!!!!! happy dance goes here!!!!
  • first i finished a baby quilt i had pieced but not quilted
 quilted, bound and ready for Thomas Henry
  • next i finished up my Lucky Stars BOM star

  • after that i worked on my own BOM which is a wild thymes pattern which i have set out to do one block each month until i am finished
  • next i cut out the pieces for my April wild thymes block

  • after that i quilted my "mango margaritas in the snow"
  • then i worked on Ruth's quilt for her retirement...trimmed, pieced, sandwiched, quilted and bound it ...had coffee with her to present it...very well received

  •  i got my lizard quilt to the binding stage...happy happy

  • i got the trees, bears and northern light on my "bear country" runner 

here it is...not totally finished but looking good...this design is my friend and her husband, her older set of twins and following along is the younger set of twins...cruising through the boreal forest under the northern lights...nice little family
close-up view

Saturday, March 29, 2014

30/30 challenge

this is week was more difficult for me as we are getting our house ready for that cuts into my sewing time...
my challenge this week was...

  • to finish up quilting "twice in a blue lizard"...check it is finished..

some of the detail of the borders

 one of the larger blocks...i quilted wavy parallel lines through the lizards to give it an organic look of water or grass
 another block in the sashing you can see i just stippled around the circles after i had stitched around each circle...they really pop of the quilt that way

the little lizard i fussy give his body some dimension
it is hard to get a good photo but here it is with the quilting finished

now if i could just find that fabric i bought for the piping i could get on with finishing up this quilt...
  • next on my list for the week was to put another tree on my runner "bear country" that happened also...great
  • after that i planned to get the northern lights for that runner cut out which i did get done...check
  • last but not least was a beer on friday...check...we went out for supper with friends...had a great visit at the pub
so the week was a success even if i did not get 30 minutes every day...only missed 2 days so that was pretty good...see ya on monday

Sunday, March 23, 2014

week 3 of the 30/30 challenge

did manage to get everything done that i set out to do

  1. i did actually get 2 trees blanket stitched on the runner
  2. "mango margaritas in the snow"has the binding sewn on and ready for our road trip...
  3. got the binding on Ruth's quilt and actually managed to get the binding hand sewn on the is all ready for me to take to her this week and have coffee...looking forward to having coffee i miss her at work
  4. here is where it gets interesting...i planned to sandwich my "twice in a blue lizard" friend runs a longarm business...she has 2 yes that is 2 gammill's...she is away this week with her husband who is had cardiac surgery...she gave me a quick lesson on how to run the machine...and then left me with the key...whoot whoot! i have spent lots of hours in her "shed" as she calls it...(used to be garden shed) so i knew how to load a i have spent my week there quilting it...loving it but it is hard not only is my quilt sandwiched the quilting is underway
stitching around the circles in the sashing...lots of work but worth the work...those circles just pop of the quilt...the ones with batting in the back really pop
some of the detail in the blocks...i wanted it to have lots of movement and look organic...somewhat like grass where to little lizards live...

for this coming week i want to do the following things
  1. finish quilting "twice in a blue lizard"
  2. put another tree on the "bear country" runner
  3. cut out the northern lights pieces for the "bear country" runner
  4. have a beer on friday will be well earned because this will be a big week if i get it done...

Friday, March 14, 2014

week 2 of 30/30 challenge

this week i did once again manage to get all done that i wanted...the hardest part is actually working for 30 minutes after i get home from work...saturday and sunday are usually not an issue for me but week days when i work 07:15 til 3:15 are much harder for me...i like to think i work so hard i am exhausted every day when i get home but that is not true...some days but not everyday...
  • finished quilting "mango margaritas in the snow" it went much faster then i thought it would so i got lots done on saturday and sunday...

centers of the flowers i quilted on the quilt

 quilting finished and lying outside in the warm snow

some of the detail of the leaves i quilted along the borders

  • only had a small amount to do on the wool block so it only took about 30 minutes...i easily got the block finished also...

  • traced and cut all the wool applique pieces for my april wool

  • ironed a tree on the table runner and got it blanket stitched...did that on one of my early mornings...darn daylight savings time...boy it has me messed up...awake at all different times...but it does make for some 30 minute blocks when you least expect fact i got the next one ironed also...waiting to be blanket stitched...had them all cut out and waiting for me..

so my new goals for the up coming week are as follows...
  1. blanket stitch another tree on table runner
  2. put binding on "mango margaritas in the snow....start the hand stitching of the binding during breaks at work...
  3. put binding on ruth's quilt and hand over the hand sewing to next quilter
  4. sandwich my "once in a blue lizard 2 quilt"...ready to start quilting next week...