Sunday, December 15, 2013

swoon coming to life

believe! in yourself
believe! in santa
so many things to believe in

finally got started on quilting my swoon...of course it was pieced using aurifil thread...and i am quilting it with aurifil mako cotton 50wt... my absolute favorite it for piecing...seams are strong, tight and lie it for quilting as it does not build up on the fabric but sits low on it...i went through my extensive collection of aurifil thread and came out with about a dozen colours
i went through my extensive collection of aurifil thread and came out with about a dozen colours and then i set about quilting...oh i am loving my new APQS makes moving that quilt about so much easier...
 stitched in the ditch around the swoons and the set about quilting designs in each piece...loving my aurifil threads...strong and lint free...makes cleaning the machine easier
 lots of work to quilt a large quilt but what is get is so worth it

hooking up to freshly pieced

Sunday, December 8, 2013

claiming my blog

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

christmas stocking ready to go...bring on the toys santa

bring it on Santa...i have finished Olivia's Christmas stocking...last year i bought a Wooly Lady Christmas stocking kit at my LQS...i had intended to get it done but it did not this year i bought a Aurifil Lana Wool Folk Art collection also at my several weeks ago i started to work on the stocking...i used mostly aurifil wool thread to blanket stitch this stocking and i love the way it turned out...
 i have a wool quilt in kits sitting in my closet ready to be sewn and my plan is to get to work on it in january... but i need more aurifil lana wool thread...why why why doesn't aurifil thread have a black friday or cyber monday sale...i could really use a sale as i need lots of colours... 
maybe Santa will fill my stocking with some wool thread...cuz Santa i have tried my best to be good all year long...