Thursday, November 28, 2013

"once in a blue lizard" also known as "the quilt that hates me"

well i have finally finished my quilt...took me 14 months...some tears...some not so nice per my usual way of working i just launched off into sewing...i did have a idea in my head...not such i bright one now that i think of it...ok so i wanted to lizards to be crawling in different i sewed them onto rectangles and then cut and pieced those rectangles together...sound good right...wrong i ended up with a 84 inch bias seam from corner to corner...i could not get it to lay flat...enter the not so nice words... 
insert bad words now
trying to get it to lay can see that it never will

finally taped it to the floor and pined the borders on least they were square...i then sewed them on top edge with a overcast stitch and trimmed the backside...ok so this is one not so square mess...
taped to the floor to get it as straight as possible

so i took it to my friend and we put it on her long arm got it as square and even as possible...stitched around each lizard and then i quilted the borders are all wavy no really very i quilted them at a angle to ease in the fullness...ah good feeling...that wasn't that bad...trimmed it square and what the heck all the threads popped back as the wool batting puffed up...ok boxed that thing up and hid it in a closet...finally decided to give it another go...sewed the edges down...took all the border quilting out and then requilted it...ah good feeling again...bought the binding fabric...folded it the wrong way and instead of having 40 inch long bias strips i had 20 inch long strips joined at a right angle...i then said bad words and threw everything in the corner...2 days and i got back at it...sewed the binding with many more joins then it should have had...sewed the binding on...ah good feeling...nope i was 12 inches short of down to very small 5 inch strips to make more...finished it up and hand sewed the binding along the back... finished finally except for the name change from
"once in a blue lizard" to "the quilt that hates me" what a challenge but i rose to meet it...

introducing "the quilt that hates me" 
 i really like the quilt now it is finished 

ok one to the next quilt...half way thru my next lizard quilt...

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

we have a winner!!!

i used a random number generator to pick the winner of the quilting gallery give thanks blog hop... the luck winner is
Vicki H who said "Lovely Christmas fabrics. I was born and raised in Minnesota. Got married and moved to Wichita, Kansas where we have lived for 36 years."...

merry christmas and enjoy the fabrics Vicki H...they will be in the mail as soon as i here from you

Thursday, November 21, 2013

quilting gallery blog hop party...oh i love a party


this party is being hosted by the quilting gallery blog-hop-party

ok i won't require you to jump thru difficult hoops to be eligible for the draw...i would like you to tell me where you live...simple...i will pick someone randomly after midnight PST on november 26th...the lucky person will receive this bundle of 5 canadian fat quarters...they are larger then american fat quarters as they are a quarter of a meter not a yard...

i do like these christmas fat quarters...i can see myself making a table runner or some stockings for this year or next

good luck everyone and happy blog hop on over the other blogs at quilting gallery blog-hop-party ...rock on, hop on, party on people...thx quilting gallery

this giveaway is closed

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

swoon swoon woon

i have been working on my swoon quilt for several months...other projects needed to be finished also so it hit the back burner for awhile...i managed to cut one block wrong and had to buy additional fabric...had to wait for 3 weeks for it to arrive and then i was able to finish the final block...

i love the large sized blocks

blowing in the breeze...
the border fabric is in the washer along with binding and backing soon i will have it finished...

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

getting ready for christmas

several months ago i started a christmas table cloth...i used a layer cake as i wanted it to be fancy piecing just simple design...big square blocks...i simply sewed to together a layer cake...i used Aspen Frost by Basic Grey for Moda Fabrics layer cake...totally out of character for me i used more pastel fabrics...yep that is unusual...sewed it together several months ago and finally yesterday and today i sat down and quilted it
 quilting in progress
 i kept the quilting simple...not the best i have done but i still getting use to quilting on my APQS George
hanging outside...just the binding to finish it off and on the table it goes...i managed to get some photos between the freezing rain drops this morning...cold and damp...but that is early winter here...soon there will be more snow then the little bit we have at the moment