Thursday, September 26, 2013

giveaway did someone say giveaway

did someone say celebrate my 100th post i am hosting a includes two of my favorite things...a bundle of 5 fat quarters and wonder clips...
yummy yummy colours

to win all you have do is tell me what you would make with these fat quarters... my blog followers will get another entry...please make sure you are not a no-reply blogger and if you are please leave me you email address...the giveaway will be open until next thursday october 3 at midnight PST...thx for the support over the last 18 months...and finally Good Luck everyone

this give-away is closed

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

what do you call a group of lizards?..herd...?

so what do you call when there is more then 3 lizards together...i have no idea but this is what they look like hanging out together..
slowly but surely the quilt is coming together...i am liking it quite a bit...but when i look at it i now think i am going to have to add grey borders with circles around the out side...what do you think

 lizards hanging out on the horse corral rails...just where you would expect to find a herd of lizards...

when i was working on this quilt at the retreat this weekend someone told me the lizard in the bottom right hand corner looked like he had stuck is foot in a electrical socket...kind of does...

some of the sashings hanging over a small aluminium ladder...this ladder was one of out favourite toys as children growing up.
..i found it in the shed cleaned it up and moved it inside to my studio...when i look at it i remember all the fun times my siblings and i had using it to climb up trees, get on the roof (where we were not allowed), used it to get in the numerous tree forts we build over the years...many fond memories

the circles getting ready to be starched..going to take about twice as many as i have to go all 
around the perimeter of my quilt

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"once in a blue lizard x 2"

so several months ago i started a new lizard quilt...the design came easy but finding the fabrics has been more difficult...during a recent trip i stopped at several quilt store yielded 5 fabrics which all i am in the process of turning into lizards for the quilt...14 blocks in this quilt...that is no less then 14 lizards and some blocks may have more then 1 lizards...i have been tossing around the idea of groups of 2 or 3...
 first 2 of 14 blocks and the sashing with circles...going to be lots of colour...lots of work all those circles...but i think it will be well worth the effort
ah how i love a quilt hanging outside blowing in the breeze...warms my heart...i have 2 more blocks started and ready to stitch down to their background fabrics

don't forget this is post number 98 ( i messed that up last time) and post number 100 will be a giveaway...just in time for the kids to head back to school and we head back to our quilting spaces

hooking up to 


Monday, September 2, 2013

oh those lucky stars..

lucky stars! each month a new block arrives...i look forward to waking up and seeing what is in store for the month...anticipation...a little like christmas...waiting and then the reward...
 the september block on the left...most of the blocks on the right

the celebrate post number 100...i plan to have a giveaway...this will be post number stay tuned we are only 2 more posts away