Thursday, January 10, 2013

pileated woodpecker

last month on my way out to feed my horse...i discovered a pileated woodpecker at the base of a spruce trees...the snowplow had just gone by and plowed snow against the base of the tree where it was pecking a hole...when i happened along he was shoveling the snow away from the hole which was now buried in snow...i had the opportunity to stand watch for several minutes before "woody" flew off into the forest

such beautiful creatures these woodpeckers are...every spring they fly around through the trees calling out to each other...i sound i look forward to each spring...


April said...

Beautiful. :)

sklinn62 said...

Would you believe I had never seen one until I moved to Mississippi in my 30s? I honestly thought they were some made up comic character. Imagine my surprise when I saw a live one!