Friday, December 28, 2012


winter has officially arrived...for those of us living in northern bc this means the days will be become longer is it getting dark at 4pm and still dark at 8 am...those who live even farther north most greet this day with even more also means christmas is just around the corner...i spend the better part of november and december getting ready for Miss O's birthday party on dec 23...suicide mission...yes truly it may have been but we pulled it off...

i can't believe i made all that food with the help of my husband, daughter and son-in-law...i enjoyed every moment of doing it...

 Miss O and her cousins
don't we all love a party young and old alike...look at great grandpa laughing 

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Quilting Babcia said...

First birthdays are not to be missed! And what's that I see behind smiling great grand-dad ... penguins on a quilt?! Are there more pics of this somewhere?