Sunday, December 30, 2012

FMQ challenge wrap-up

so sad but it is time to say goodbye to the FMQ challenge of 2012...over the year i have learned so much and gained so much in terms of confidence with my FMQ...i learned about threads finding that i love my aurifil thread for piecing and quilting the way it sits down in my quilt and not on top of it...learned i like the dense quilting...i learned to slow down and take my is hard to be accurate when going to fast...the same may be said of driving one's car...i am so glad i just happened upon this challenge while "cruising the net"...i can't say enuf about sewcalgal and all the time she has invested in seeing this year long project to completion...where does that women get her energy and where does she get the time?...when i first found the challenge it was already february and i was one month behind...the first two months i added my photos by flicker and then i reactivated my old blog...learning to FMQ the piece, then take photos, importing them to i photo, editing the photos, then i added watermarks and imported them to my blog...all this was a big learning curve for me but has been so for the big reveal...drum roll please...

tutorials from january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, bonus for october, november and finally to wind it up december
 a more close up view of the little quilts...soon to have borders and then binding

may bonus tutorial by Linda Moran using marbled fabric...enjoyed this nice easy relaxing quilting

tree branches adapted from photos for the august bonus tutorial taught by Susan Brubaker Knapp 

the tutorial for october was taught by Teri Lucas...she had us start with our names and then add quilting around this, fun i completed all 12 monthly challenges and 3 of the 4 bonus challenges...i would really like to try the last challenge but the program is only for PC not mac computers...but i will find one...i even managed to complete two quilt and start the quilting of another
first i used my new skills to finish "sky horses"

then i finished "farm horses"
detail of farm horses
now i am using those skills to finish my "once in a blue lizard quilt"
it has been a year of fun and learning...thanx to all the people who joined in making this such a terrific experience...
thanx to all the quilting experts who taught us so much through out the year...
thanx to all the sponsors of the monthly prizes and grand prizes
thanx to sewcalgal for all her hard work and dedication in putting this challenge together


Quilting Babcia said...

Sherry, you've done an outstanding job! Your horse quilts are spectacular and I do hope you'll enter both of them in some major shows. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Congratulation to you as well on completing the 2012 FMQ Challenge. Your work is absolutely beautiful and I especially love the horse quilt!

Sherry @ SherThis

LynCC said...

Wow, wow, wow!! I just love that sashiko fmq on your farm horse, and Once in a Blue Gecko is looking AWESOME. :)

Pat Merkle said...

I just LOVE your work! Great job!

Exuberant Color said...

The horse quilts are really unique! Great quilting too!

Joan said...

Oh my!! Your quilts and quilting are beautiful! Well done!!

SewCalGal said...

Sherry, you did a fantastic job. Love your FMQ. And your FMQ Sampler is going to be a great quilt to show off your FMQ skills. Of course, I want to see your lizard/gecko quilt when it is finished. Looks so cute.