Friday, October 26, 2012

blogger's quilt festival

it is once again time for the blogger's quilt festival...i love that i get to see all those quilts that we keep hidden away in closets and guest bedrooms...drag them out and shake the dust off them off...
 sky horses
the design for this quilt came into my head years has taken a long route to actually most of my artwork the design arrived almost whole...i have done several different versions on paper...there are two versions in fabric and another one coming...
 one of my favorite blocks
 the muse
 blowing in the breeze
 hanging out in his show halter and the quilt...have been thinking about making him a winter blanket like this...what do you think?
 "hooked my fortune" aka "hook" seems impressed with his quilt...
 thx to AmysCreativeSide for sponsoring this show and all the work that goes along with it....

finished size 84 by 96
original design, raw edge applique, paper pieced flying geese, 
quilted on DMS by myself
best categories
1)Favorite Applique Quilt
2) Favorite Bed Quilt  
3) Favorite Home Machine Quilted Quilt  

Monday, October 22, 2012

finished october free motion quilting challenge

haven't had much time to work on this month's challenge...returned from my trip to venice, italy and granada spain...oh how i loved spain...warm, colours, people and air...great food...i have not spent much time at my machine...i did get to spend a day at my friend's stitching in the ditch around my lizards on my quilt...what a gift to be able to try out a long arm...a gift that will be hard to repay...i have managed to spend some time quilting...hard to get over that jet lag...but it does seem behind me... ok so this is my piece...please forgive my photo... i dropped my computer down the has gone to the facility to be repaired...oh how i hope...anyway i am unable to do much with the photos until i get my baby back...

Friday, October 12, 2012

the alhambra

grand mosque of cordova, spain

i have been in granada, spain since sunday...flew here from venice...yesterday we took the bus to see the grand mosque of cordova which has  been chanced in to a christian church...what is remaining is so beautiful it brings tears to your can anything so simple be so beautiful...rows and rows of red and white horseshoe arches..simple elegant beauty...

so simple but so elegant...repeat...repeat...repeat

the colour and shape just recede into the distance 

one angle after another...repeat the shape...quilting patterns all the way...inspiration here in this house of worship

i could have stood in is place and taken photos for hours as each time you took a step the angle of the arches changed and the view was different 

so many photos...this place was so calm and spiritual...wonderful feelings

Saturday, October 6, 2012

doorways of venice

love the doors and doorknobs, handles...brass for the most part...very different then what we have in canada...everything is created with beauty in mind unlike canada where function seems to be valued or function...the crietia for keeping objects or belongings...if it is beautiful but not functional we can keep it or if it is functional but not beautiful we can keep it...if it your belongings do not fit either category then it is time to reassess their value in your life... i want it to be both beautiful and functional...

can't buy these doorknobs at home...beautiful and functional both...maybe i can buy these at home i just need to look...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Quilting patterns in venice

so here i am in much to see, eat and drink...walking is so great to do each day as it is either walking or water taxi...walking is wonderful...i try to start the day with i short walk and then do my stretches...then hit the streets...

canals and streets

mid afternoon canal view...laundry drying... sun shining...

door knob...a Turk's head...not very politically correct today but very old Venice..

always someone enjoying a gondola ride...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


 some photos of design....door frames...grates in windows...plates in a window...arches with quatrafoil inside a star all inside a much to see and do here...amazing...a hint to fellow travellers take my sister the chef with out rent an apartment and let her cook...great food and less expensive

design is everywhere a person looks here in venice...i have been looking and taking photos...thinking about quilting i am going to focus more on doors and doorways..