Saturday, September 15, 2012

Friends are most wonderful

the last month i have been off work on a medical leave...spent lots of time hanging out on my couch...the last few weeks i have been visiting with my friend who owns 2, yes i said 2 long arm gammills...helping out i little and learning has been very interesting to watch the process from start to finish...she has now set herself a challenge of trying to quilt 60 quilts in 60 days...she is now at day 15 and about 2 quilts behind...yesterday i spent some time helping her pin quilts on leaders so she could get more done...well look at the gift she has given for my help and friendship...what an amazing and kind women...
she gave me 30 spools of thread...some used and some not i am going to enjoy these threads
not only the thread but this wonderful 20 inch ruler...i love this ruler already not sure now i did without it before...
such a wonderful gift... thank you darlene

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