Sunday, August 26, 2012

august FMQ challenge piece

i find it hard to believe august is almost over...the nights are cool and the mornings are crisp...the hot days of summer are gone here in central british columbia...finally was able to get to the sewing machine and practice the august challenge of jester's hats...i did find this more difficult then other months tutorials

i did have some trouble at times not getting trapped but after a bit of practice i did get so i could quilt without getting trapped
hanging out on the design wall with the lizards 
tucked in with the lizard blocks for my next quilt
part of a practice piece...i used a superior threads king tut for this month's is a 40 wt does stand out more and make the quilting more visual...


Quilting Babcia said...

Very nice rendition of this design. Though this design seems to be giving folks fits (me included) it does seem to be very forgiving once you stand back and look at the results - it must be the flowing nature of the design. Great job. Can't wait to see your next finished quilt!

SewCalGal said...

Your version has a really nice visual effect. Great overall balance too. Definitely will look nice on your quilts too!


Danielle Hudson said...

Hey... you made the SewCalGal post!Awesome! The design gave me trouble getting trapped too. You did an great job!