Tuesday, July 31, 2012

once in a blue lizard

my lizard quilt is now underway...plan to put those lizards on a light solid background...let them crawl over the quilt lizards came from the work years ago in my sketchbook...first it was aerial view as they floated on the surface of the ponds...slowly i added tails and they became lizards...i do like those lovely little geckos on the walls in the tropics...bright colours and shiny skins...big eyes which watch from the ceiling...
let the crawling they go ....

the blue lizard...
yellow lizard...

large orange lizard

small orange lizard

we are heading off on holidays on saturday so quilting will be on hold...fabric shopping will not be...going to arizona...any hints on the best of the best for fabric shops...

Monday, July 30, 2012

everybody needs a mascot

everyone needs a mascot...mine is small and dark...laughs easily...grows overnight...

best in division....olivia

isn't it nice that some toys never age

yep grandma i like that new design

yep i definitely am the best in division

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

july free motion quilting challenge

july is almost gone...already the vegetation is changing...colours are different...the siberian iris has bloomed and the seeds pods are ripening...the peony has finished...soon the late lilies will open...summer here is the central interior of british columbia is short and fleeting...hard to actually get a hold of... it moves so fast...the month has been spent on quilting my farm horses quilt... nearly finished...should have photos up next week...hope to get the binding on it in the next several i have been doing lots of free motion quilting...i did take a break from the quilt and work on the challenge for july...i did find this month more of a challenge then previous months...a bit of disequilibrium for sure

stitched with aurifil 50 wt in a nice brilliant orange my daughter brought me when she came to visit for the week...used that railroad track motif for leah day's tutorial...i used a ruler beside my foot to try and get the lines between the tiles even...almost made it

stitched with white much texture and movement in the background fabric to really see the stitching...more attracted to solid colours these days...getting over my batik craze

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


yep there might be something to this WIP does make you get going on something so one has a project to blog about...

the start of once in a blue lizard quilt... the plan is to do this quilt in a more modern instead of regular blocks in rows...i will space the lizards out crawling across the quilt surface... different shapes, sizes and colours...i so love chaos and colour... probably why i work in the ER...both those things are there
this is an example of the look i am going for...lizards crawling around...this is a work i did several years ago...the lizard here are cut from wall paper...

 more detail of lizards crawling...

the work 

lizard on the front of my sketch book...i do like frogs and lizards...their shiny skins and angular bodies....

a peek into what may come next...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

summer walkabouts

summer always brings to desire to be outdoors...summer walkabouts through meadows, fields, woods... my horse pasture was the destination of today's walkabout...a place teeming with a variety of plant life and one horse...
those are such small plants amongst the pebbles
i haven't been through this gate for awhile...grasses have grown half way up the gate
edge of the forest 

buttercups in the field...sunny and   cheerful...colours of

cow parsnip...large and stately

salt and pepper plants...a stand of buttercups growing in the moist soil of the draw...

i remember pulling this columbines apart during the warm summer days and sucking the nectar from the petals...ah the memories of childhood how sweet they are..
 pasture resident " hooked my fortune" aka hook grazing amongst the daisies

Thursday, July 12, 2012

the boreal forest in july

last evening on my drive home from work i realized that i do not have balance in my life...i either am quilting or not...either running half marathons or not running at all...either eating everything i can get my hands on or on a diet...either drinking three coke zeros a day or not drinking any...that is not today i forced myself away from the sewing room and outside...i need to have some exercise...i was overwhelmed to discover that while i was in the sewing room summer had come on full bore...the grasses are blooming...frogs swimming in the puddles...inspiration was
boy i was glad i had taken my camera with a macro lens on it...

ah the ox eye daisies

full on summer flowers...daisies, clover...pea vine...a riot of green vegetation...

 yellow hawk's breath

pigeon berry much all in such a short time...looking forward to my walk tomorrow...more interesting things to see in the forest..

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

farm horses are getting quilted

well the farm horses quilt is not taking me as long as the sky horses quilt...for starters the bodies were not as fiddly as sky horse bodies... i do like both of the body types...they are sort of like people...some all round and some blocky...going to get the skinny athletic ones started...right after i get the lizards work in progress...

blocked on the wall and ready for sandwiching....yea

laying on the floor...sandwiched and ready to quilt...

the back made from fat quarters...i love those blues and teals

 i am using those skills  i developed doing the free motion quilting challenge...getting better every time i sit at the machine..

 i am so glad i bought this pfaff hobby 1200 machine...extra throat space makes moving that quilt about under the needle so much only straight stitches...i was lucky and got it second hand...that makes it even better

 under the needle head...i have marked the pattern out at one inch intervals...this pattern of quilting is making the horses stand that...ok now back to the machine

Saturday, July 7, 2012

sky horses quilt is finished

i started this quilt last september at a quilt retreat...boy it has been a long haul on this quilt...the design came from drawings i did initially in my sketchbook several years ago...the concept of the horses has evolved through a few most of the work that i do... there seems to be a series of drawings that find their way into different mediums before i have exhausted the concept and move on to another horses and farm horses are part of this concept...and i know i am not finished yet with these will see at least 2-3 more quilts before i finish with the horse theme.. 

 sky horses finished and hanging in the trees...100% cotton fabrics were used... i free motion raw edge appliqued the horses to the background fabrics...all the wonky flying geese were drawn to scale and the then paper pieced in sections to fit...the geese fly in different directions because i tried to get them so none flew off the edge but that was not always possible...the background fabrics are darks while the horses are mostly in lights....with their bodies in mediums...this was not always successful either...

 this photo is more true to colour...i used wool batting as i like the puffiness that it brings to the well the light weight of wool and the warmth is also something i am looking for...this quilt was made to be used...thread was aurifil 100% cotton 50/2 favorite thread to use...strong, great colour, sits more into the fabric rather then on top

 the back was pieced out large scale florals...this is not my favorite back...i started making my backs several quilts ago when i looked at the fabric i was accumulating and decided that i needed to use it up rather then just collect it...although i love the look of all my fabrics stored by colour on the shelves...there is just so much fabric i can have and still feel in control...

 blowing is the summer breeze...yes it is finally summer here in the central interior of BC...i love the quilt hanging from the trees of the boreal forest surrounding my home...

 blowing in the summer breeze...i have used this quilt on our bed the last severals night as even though it is warm during the night...temperatures at night are dropping into the single digits...two days ago there was frost yes frost on my bar-b-que

some of the individual blocks....

a good example of the quilting...thanx to
 for the free motion quilting challenge...i have been getting better at free motion quilting...used the loop de loop 



Wednesday, July 4, 2012

farm horses quilt

i started this quilt several months ago at a quilt retreat... in fact it was the last weekend in things are moving along quite well as  i completed another quilt during this time...

 the drawing from my sketchbook

the pattern as i drew it with dimensions of each block, cut size, trimmed size and sewn size 

fabric choices with really ratty toes peaking out

quilting one of the blocks...this was one of the blocks i did not use and turned into a small cosmetic bag

 one of the centre blocks 

on the design wall with the sashing on

with the inside borders appliqued and the outside borders is the quilting...will get that started this weekend...working evenings in ER next week so will have time to work on it during the days...whoot whoot...