Tuesday, May 1, 2012

oh where oh where is summer

it is still so cold in the mornings...last night we had a hard frost...can't wait for this to stop...i read in others blogs they are in their gardens and mine still has water in it...frozen water, this morning, to be our parents said every cloud has a silver did the frost...the frost left those great feather patterns on some surfaces...the patio table, picnic table and bar-b-que...

view across the table towards the horse pasture...still cold but the sun is shining...glad to see the sun after several days of rain

...quilting by nature... looks similar to mctavishing...this could be developed into a quilting pattern         

a closer view of those patterns from nature

totally different pattern on the bar-b-que cover

the rain frozen on the picnic those bubbles...


Catswhiskers said...

so inspirational.

Sheila said...

Great photos , incredible really!