Thursday, May 31, 2012

it is cool to have your work but up on sewcalgal's free motion quilting challenge blog post...i really did enjoy this challenge for May which was taught by Leah Day...the railroad tracks design is like making tracks in the snow with the snowblower..clean and crisp lines... it allows me to just work and meditate...slow and easy...

 see the entire blog post with all the work she show cased this month 
it can be found at  

for those of you who haven't signed up for the should it is fun and the practice every month is helping with my confidence to be able to tackle larger quilts...waiting for sewcalgal to post the challenge for june at midnight...that is in 28 minutes...then i will want to sew...good thing my machine is in the room next to our bedroom...that keeps me from keeping crazy hours

Monday, May 28, 2012

My Sweet Prairie: Get Them Before They Are Gone!

My Sweet Prairie: Get Them Before They Are Gone!: It's nearly time for summer issue of A Needle Pulling Thread to hit the stands.  That means the spring issue will suddenly vanish into the a...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

bloggers quilt festival time


it is time for the bloggers quilt festival...whoot....whoot...this is the first one i have been part of...i have been to international quilt festival in houston, texas twice...going again this year...i love that i can immerse myself in quilts and all things quilt related...this time the boys are staying home...even better..
i have decided to enter a quilt i made for my daughter when she got married... i love this quilt so much it still lives at my house.. although i will be letting her have it soon...

the quilt is double bed size... cotton fabrics with cotton batting...i quilted it myself on my pfaff 2048...lots of work but worth it

some of the detail

 more detail of one of the sunflowers...every spring in the boreal forest small yellow sunflowers raise their heads to the sun from the forest floor... as a family we have spend many hours in the woods... i wanted my daughter to have a memory of those hours we spend together

how can you tell this is one of my favourite blocks in this quilt.. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

may 2012 free motion quilting challenge

i really enjoyed this month's challenge by Leah Day...i have followed her helps to do quilting daily and she keeps you on task for amazing lady...

so glad i found this challenge and signed up to participate...i'm getting better everyday and learning so much...thank you sewcalgal for doing this

Sunday, May 13, 2012

sister quilt

this is a quilt that i started when i heard my younger sister who is a member of the canadian military would be posted to a naval ship...i decided i would make her a quilt she could take with her for her "rack"

sorry for the bad photo...this quilt is a king size quilt...hard to get a good photo... i designed each block to be different and enjoyed making it so much...i got carried away and it just got so large...what was i thinking... it is way too large for a "rack" on a ship...

you can see more of the borders here... some reflection from the crystals in the block on the right...

here you can see more of the detail...altho the colour is a little blue and not true to the quilt...i loved this quilt and entered in the local fair where it took home both prize for best in class and best in just will never go to sea

Monday, May 7, 2012

what to do with the rejects

it seems like whenever i do a quilt i always have a block or two or three that i just don't like...i have made pillowcases for my nieces out of reject blocks...cases for my knitting needles....this time i have made a bag with a zipper....

the reject...should really call it didn't make the final cut...being quilted

the finished block...i did loop de loop from the march free motion quilting challenge lesson...this i quilted with aurifil 50 at thread in a colour to match the background...i outline quilted around the horse with the same thread...the body of the horse is quilted with superior thread rainbow trilobal polyester...i quilted around the elements of the floral fabric...the horse was put on the background with steam a seam and free motion raw edge appliqued in places and free motion "ekg" stitched around the horse body

some of the detail quilting

detail of the floral element quilting...

after i finished quilting i finished the edges of the quilted piece and set in a zipper...unfortunately the zipper i choose did not work well in the piece as it is too heavy... and not able to make good corners on the side...

the finished piece...front and will now hold all the stitch holders, row counters and stitch markers for my more hitting the trash bin for the "didn't make the quilt blocks"

Thursday, May 3, 2012

quilt block thru a prism

i took these photos thru a small prism...they are part of the horse quilt i am currently working on

this is kind of crazy

is this the way they repeat fabric?

i love the colours in this block
going to try this is so cool...need to have better lighting

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

on the weekend i was awarded
JANET at what comes next.  I am new to the blog world and very  honoured by this award.....
If you are unfamiliar with the Liebster Blog award, it is  usually presented to smaller blogs as a form of recognition and support.  "Smaller blog"  is defined as a blog with fewer than 200 followers.

"liebster" means "dearest" or "favourite" in German.   As a recipient you are expected to:

  • Thank the person that nominated you and link back to them.
  • Present the award to five other blogs
  • Let them know by commenting on their blog
  • Post the award on your blog

 the following are blogs that i have found to be interesting and stimulating.


grace and favour

patchwork daily desire

lmd and my world


i am most honoured by receiving this award...thank you janet

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

oh where oh where is summer

it is still so cold in the mornings...last night we had a hard frost...can't wait for this to stop...i read in others blogs they are in their gardens and mine still has water in it...frozen water, this morning, to be our parents said every cloud has a silver did the frost...the frost left those great feather patterns on some surfaces...the patio table, picnic table and bar-b-que...

view across the table towards the horse pasture...still cold but the sun is shining...glad to see the sun after several days of rain

...quilting by nature... looks similar to mctavishing...this could be developed into a quilting pattern         

a closer view of those patterns from nature

totally different pattern on the bar-b-que cover

the rain frozen on the picnic those bubbles...