Thursday, April 19, 2012

where have i been for 3 weeks

oh where , oh where have i been.... away for a short break to visit family and attend a wedding.... fun but not long enuf.... i did make a stop at the beehive wool shop in victoria and pick up some yarn.....i also treated myself and bought a set of addi lace circular is nice when the children grow up, leave home and one has money to spend on themselves...with the new yarn and needles i have been working on some projects for my granddaughter as she is so cute and wears clothes so well. 

so i have finished the little hat for next winter.... she will need a scarf to match.... so i had better get to work on that gives me something to do on lunch and coffee breaks at is amazing how much one can get done during those short breaks...

the skirt will fit in about 18 months from is soft noro silk garden...don't think i have ever owned a silk lucky girl

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