Sunday, April 29, 2012

spring 20121 quilt retreat

after getting a late start...late leaving work and then having to turn around after realizing i had forgot my chair...i finally arrived...alas no bear sightings but i did see 7 deer...which is not unusual for a drive along the lake shore...the retreat got off to a big bang for me when i removed the wrapping and wire from the cork of my bottle of persecco and the cork blew off and sprayed wine over my now the party was started it was time to get plan to was get a good start on the blocks for my new horse i set to work on block A...onward and upward

a block in progress...i roughly drew the design on light wonder under and then raw edge appliqued the horses to the background fabric...i had cut each block to the correct size before leaving the work was started before i left...each block took approximately 2 hours to complete the cutting, fusing and sewing

the first seven block sewn and laid out with the gave me a chance to see whether my vision would come to life or not...i am please with most of the blocks...some may need modification where others will be fine the way they are

another view of the blocks set out to add sashing....the light and picture quality is not good...i apologize

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