Sunday, April 29, 2012

spring 20121 quilt retreat

after getting a late start...late leaving work and then having to turn around after realizing i had forgot my chair...i finally arrived...alas no bear sightings but i did see 7 deer...which is not unusual for a drive along the lake shore...the retreat got off to a big bang for me when i removed the wrapping and wire from the cork of my bottle of persecco and the cork blew off and sprayed wine over my now the party was started it was time to get plan to was get a good start on the blocks for my new horse i set to work on block A...onward and upward

a block in progress...i roughly drew the design on light wonder under and then raw edge appliqued the horses to the background fabric...i had cut each block to the correct size before leaving the work was started before i left...each block took approximately 2 hours to complete the cutting, fusing and sewing

the first seven block sewn and laid out with the gave me a chance to see whether my vision would come to life or not...i am please with most of the blocks...some may need modification where others will be fine the way they are

another view of the blocks set out to add sashing....the light and picture quality is not good...i apologize

Friday, April 27, 2012

whoot, whoot it is quilt retreat time

i'm off to the quilt retreat for the weekend...looking forward to spending hours of laughter and sewing with my only regret is that i have to work today before i can head out...some peeps left yesterday...i couldn't get the day off...ok boo hoo for me... get over that spring is here the drive will be nice...the grass is just coming green along the south facing hillsides along the lake...favourite feeding grounds for the bears who have just woke up and left their winter dens...two years ago while out for my run midday i was charged by a mother bear with twins feeding on a hillside...that ended my running career in that area...have been wanting to do a quilt about bears ever since...maybe i will see some bears on the drive and get inspired...hoping my roll of wool batting will arrive today or tomorrow so i can start free motion quilting the sky horse quilt top...use some of that practice that i have been doing on free motion quilting......going to work on a new horse quilt while at this retreat...looking forward to getting it started... drew sketches of it last it is time to take it from concept to quilt 

the idea from my sketchbook

the pattern drawn out on graft paper with the measurements for each block and overall sizes...need to invest in EQ i'm sure it would make this process earlier and shorter

the fabric for the horses...background will be cream...the heads, tails and legs will be blacks and greys
going to be a great weekend surrounded with those beautiful pinks and oranges....and my friends....whoot whoot

Thursday, April 26, 2012

what to do with all those free motion practice pieces

hours of practice on samples of free motion quilting as left me with several pieces...too good to toss...what to do with these pieces as plagued the same time i have been doing lots of knitting...knitting needles were a constant mess and source of frustration... ah! use up those quilt pieces and make cases for all those needles.... 

as these pieces were quite big i was able to make large cases. i sewed some left over binding across the bottom edge...then i folded the bottom edge up to the depth
 i wanted the pockets to be... i then sewed more binding along the three edges....side, top and opposite side...when i sewed this binding on i made sure to put a tie in so when rolled up i have a tie to close the case....when all done i sewed pockets for the size of needles i wanted it to hold...

some of the detail of the outside

more detail of the outside

i love the free form butterfly on the outside...i used superior threads rainbows... they give great colour and sheen... now i have somewhere beautiful to keep my needles organized...i made two each for straight needles and one for circular what to do with the ones i produce in the future as i work on the 2012 free motion quilting challenge sponsored by sewcalgal 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

april 2012 free motion quilting challenge

in january i signed up for the free motion quilting challenge through 
sew cal gal's blog....i have been working on getting better at free motion with all things it is practice, practice, practice...being committed to having to produce work every month has been good for me as it does take practice to produce a piece of work you want to show the world....

the challenge this month was to make a stencil and then quilt that central design...i made a commitment last year to only work on my design...not to just copy others or produce quilts from patterns i have not designed... so the central design with the daisies is mine...if i was to do it again i would certainly make the daisies large....but as with all things practice makes perfect....

 detail of the quilted piece...

more detail...loving the free motion work...getting better...very relaxing

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring has finally come

the snow has finally melted in most places...tho it remains in the trees shadows and gullys...with the snow melt comes "breakup"...the logging companies shut down while the snow melts and the forest soils dry up...this is the best time to travel the logging into the "bush...this is exactly where my friend and i headed on friday...with lunch of apples, cookies, chicken and coke...cameras in hand we headed out....


road repair on the logging roads will start soon...the gravel pits are open and dry at this time of the year...they provide endless opportunities for photos... as always want to make my pebbles similar shapes and sizes when quilting...i took photos so i can do studies of rocks in my sketchbook... to work on getting more variation in shape and size.

the day was chilly and windy...several years ago a fire moved through this area leaving the forest burnt...the wind moving blowing through the trees created errie noises...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

where have i been for 3 weeks

oh where , oh where have i been.... away for a short break to visit family and attend a wedding.... fun but not long enuf.... i did make a stop at the beehive wool shop in victoria and pick up some yarn.....i also treated myself and bought a set of addi lace circular is nice when the children grow up, leave home and one has money to spend on themselves...with the new yarn and needles i have been working on some projects for my granddaughter as she is so cute and wears clothes so well. 

so i have finished the little hat for next winter.... she will need a scarf to match.... so i had better get to work on that gives me something to do on lunch and coffee breaks at is amazing how much one can get done during those short breaks...

the skirt will fit in about 18 months from is soft noro silk garden...don't think i have ever owned a silk lucky girl

Sunday, April 1, 2012

the sky horses have taken flight

finally after 6 months the top of the quilt is finished and hanging on the design wall. the seeds of germination  have been in my head for about 5 years and finally they have grown fruit. whoot whoot.