Friday, November 16, 2007

small but interesting town

ok i actually like it here. the sense of community is great. like just about every one knows i'm the new nurse in town. they also mostly know where i stay. i seem to be the only one out at 6:30 running. they probably think i'm the crazy one. altho i have met a native man who told me he would run across the lake and back every morning, a distance of 10 miles. when the snow got to deep he would put on snowshoes and just run around 3rd island. about 6 miles!!!!
yesterday was busy!!!!! 9 pts i saw. today i have seen 1 yes make that 1. but i am enjoying the town and the people. i am on call over the weekend so tomorrow i am going to that art exhibit in the library when it is open from 2 to 4. very different nursing here. much closer to the patients. do all the lab work not that there has been any so far. but i at least know how to do it if i have to.
hope the cloud cover clears and the lights come out soon. i have seen photos of the lights over the lake and it appears fab!!!!
seeya if i get called it to work over the weekend.

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