Sunday, November 25, 2007

last few hours in atlin

here i am at the outpost doing my laundry before i leave. have to leave the house clean for the cleaning lady who comes to clean before the next relief nurse arrives.
beautiful last night with the full moon. it sets over the lake. it still is up in the sky and the sun is rising opposite over the mountains. pretty cool. being sunday the town is still asleep only myself and the rcmp out and about.
if the roads are good i plan to drive back through carcross. that should add about another hour to my drive of 2.5 hours. carcross is a small town similar to atlin. the gold miners went through carcross on their way to the klondike. amazing what i have learned about canadian history at i have either never known or forgot. it has been cool to do some reading about the area. my house which belonged to one of the orginal outpost nurses from the 1940's is filled with books about the local area. lots of those church fund raising cookbooks. speaks to the way of life here is atlin.

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