Thursday, November 15, 2007

hello from atlin, bc

hello from atlin
the trip here was long and exhausting.
the ferry trip was not at 7am as planned but at 1pm due to the storm that blew in. missed my flight to whitehorse at 10:30. arrived at the airport at 3pm and waited to see if i could go standby at 9:45pm. i managed to get on that flight but arrived in whitehorse at 11:45pm to a frozen rental car and no idea where the yukon inn was. i was lucky to hook up with elsie wataney, a native social worker from carcross that has a sister in law in vanderhoof. she gallantly scraped the frozen windows while i collected my bags. she just happened to be staying at the yukon inn also. amazing the next morning she was at breakfast at the same time. i gave here a ride to her car (which was in for repair) and she showed me the way to atlin. after 70 k i began to think i was going the wrong way on the alaska highway and starting to worry. actually that started about 15 k earlier but i managed to keep it under control. at 70 k there was giant sign "atlin inn" . ok i must be getting close. no that was just 4 k before the turn off which is another 100 k. the road to atlin is alot like a serviced forest service road at home. arrived in atlin about 12:15 after a 2 hour and 25 mintue drive. the health centre was closed for lunch so i headed to the store to find some food because by this time i had already seen the local cafe. the lady at the food basket showed me how to find the house i would be staying in. small town stuff!!!! so here i am in atlin bc.

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