Sunday, November 18, 2007

hello form sunny atlin (notice i didn't say sunny and warm)

just stopped at the outpost to get some water as mine comes out of the lake and i don't want to get beaver fever as an souvenir of atlin. clear and sunny today at about -10. getting lots of reading done and lots of art. it is nice to just sit. normally i walk everywhere not that there is anywhere to go. yesterday i stopped at the library to see the quilt display. one thing i have noticed is there is a ton of art around. it most be the isolation and the scenery that stimulate art here. have been taking some photos and learning more about using my camera. i have time that i never had at home. maybe the northern lights will make an apperance tonight as it is clear. next weekend is the full moon so i hope by then i can figure out how to take some photos at night.

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