Tuesday, November 27, 2007

the trip home

home last night. the trip was uneventful. 2 hrs from whitehorse to vancouver, 30minutes in vancouver and then the 1 hour flight to prince george. whitehorse was beautiful and sunny at about -8, vancouver was pouring rain and prince george was blowing snow. the roads weren't too bad and everyone drove sensibly which is different. back to work this am. see what is rocking at old st john hospital

Sunday, November 25, 2007

last few hours in atlin

here i am at the outpost doing my laundry before i leave. have to leave the house clean for the cleaning lady who comes to clean before the next relief nurse arrives.
beautiful last night with the full moon. it sets over the lake. it still is up in the sky and the sun is rising opposite over the mountains. pretty cool. being sunday the town is still asleep only myself and the rcmp out and about.
if the roads are good i plan to drive back through carcross. that should add about another hour to my drive of 2.5 hours. carcross is a small town similar to atlin. the gold miners went through carcross on their way to the klondike. amazing what i have learned about canadian history at i have either never known or forgot. it has been cool to do some reading about the area. my house which belonged to one of the orginal outpost nurses from the 1940's is filled with books about the local area. lots of those church fund raising cookbooks. speaks to the way of life here is atlin.

Friday, November 23, 2007

the atlin bar

went for supper and then a beer at the atlin bar. ok so we were the only women there. not as dark and dingy as i had thought it would be. only got hit on by 3 guys, one used the line" hey i know you" no you don't ' "yes we met in watson lake" yes you have been there. ok buddy you have had one too many beer.
no really i can't drink shooters with you i'm the nurse on call.
really!!! hey do you have those paddles things over there?
have you ever used them.
yes!! and please let me out of here before we need to use them again.
very interesting conversation
amazing they were hitting on the old lady and not sara the young student nurse. i think they were afraid of her. probaly thought i was more in their league

last working day in atlin

ok somehow i missed ruch hour or it didn't happen. possibly i was on the wrong street when it occured. taking one of the side roads to work. must be at least 3 or 4 of them. 9 am and it is still twilight. somehow this is quite relaxing.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

rush hour in atlin

managed to hit rush hour again but thursday is busier then wednesday. 7 vehicles on the road this morning.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

the northern lights have put in an appearance

the northern lights were out when i got up at 6 am to go for my run. needless to say it is a little difficult to run with your head pointing skyward, so i was reduced to walking. only myself, 3 dogs and 1 truck out at that time of the morning. apparently rush hour is from 8:25 to 8:30. this am on my way to work at 8:25 there were 3 trucks on the same street at the same time. must have been rush hour. last night i was on call as usual, a pt phoned for help. interesting because he brought his son to my house and then drove us to the outpost and then took me back home. so it seems that here pts make the house calls. usually the nurses to make house calls i just don't know where everybody lives but they all know where i live. keeping myself busy painting and reading . only 3 channels, knowledge, global and cbc. oh my god what no food channel.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

hello form sunny atlin (notice i didn't say sunny and warm)

just stopped at the outpost to get some water as mine comes out of the lake and i don't want to get beaver fever as an souvenir of atlin. clear and sunny today at about -10. getting lots of reading done and lots of art. it is nice to just sit. normally i walk everywhere not that there is anywhere to go. yesterday i stopped at the library to see the quilt display. one thing i have noticed is there is a ton of art around. it most be the isolation and the scenery that stimulate art here. have been taking some photos and learning more about using my camera. i have time that i never had at home. maybe the northern lights will make an apperance tonight as it is clear. next weekend is the full moon so i hope by then i can figure out how to take some photos at night.

Friday, November 16, 2007

small but interesting town

ok i actually like it here. the sense of community is great. like just about every one knows i'm the new nurse in town. they also mostly know where i stay. i seem to be the only one out at 6:30 running. they probably think i'm the crazy one. altho i have met a native man who told me he would run across the lake and back every morning, a distance of 10 miles. when the snow got to deep he would put on snowshoes and just run around 3rd island. about 6 miles!!!!
yesterday was busy!!!!! 9 pts i saw. today i have seen 1 yes make that 1. but i am enjoying the town and the people. i am on call over the weekend so tomorrow i am going to that art exhibit in the library when it is open from 2 to 4. very different nursing here. much closer to the patients. do all the lab work not that there has been any so far. but i at least know how to do it if i have to.
hope the cloud cover clears and the lights come out soon. i have seen photos of the lights over the lake and it appears fab!!!!
seeya if i get called it to work over the weekend.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

hello from atlin, bc

hello from atlin
the trip here was long and exhausting.
the ferry trip was not at 7am as planned but at 1pm due to the storm that blew in. missed my flight to whitehorse at 10:30. arrived at the airport at 3pm and waited to see if i could go standby at 9:45pm. i managed to get on that flight but arrived in whitehorse at 11:45pm to a frozen rental car and no idea where the yukon inn was. i was lucky to hook up with elsie wataney, a native social worker from carcross that has a sister in law in vanderhoof. she gallantly scraped the frozen windows while i collected my bags. she just happened to be staying at the yukon inn also. amazing the next morning she was at breakfast at the same time. i gave here a ride to her car (which was in for repair) and she showed me the way to atlin. after 70 k i began to think i was going the wrong way on the alaska highway and starting to worry. actually that started about 15 k earlier but i managed to keep it under control. at 70 k there was giant sign "atlin inn" . ok i must be getting close. no that was just 4 k before the turn off which is another 100 k. the road to atlin is alot like a serviced forest service road at home. arrived in atlin about 12:15 after a 2 hour and 25 mintue drive. the health centre was closed for lunch so i headed to the store to find some food because by this time i had already seen the local cafe. the lady at the food basket showed me how to find the house i would be staying in. small town stuff!!!! so here i am in atlin bc.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

getting ready for the first adventure

only five more sleeps until i head out to atlin. the journey starts with the trip to vancouver on friday evening. a short stop to visit with family in victoria. monday i fly out of vancouver to whitehorse. ok there is a reason for that name and i have a feeling it isn't because some damn white horse died there. probably because the horses were covered with snow 6 months of the year and everyone just thought they only owned white horses.