Wednesday, September 19, 2018

i finally finished it! whoot whoot

WHOOT WHOOT I finally finished it ... about 13 months in the making ... started on the day of our big solar eclipse in august 2017
 all freezer paper templates and hand appliqué which is why it took 13 months to finish ... i started this totally on a whim ... i have always had a medallion quilt on my mind and while watching 
TV footage of the solar eclipse i spontaneously got up took some background fabric from my stash and drew some lines out from .the centre ... made a centre circle & some leaf shaped templates ... and it grew from there  ... totally the way to work go with your gut

 close up detail ... lots of pebbles and then swirls and pearls ... love the look but it took many hours of quilting to do ... much easier using my APQS George with that 20" throat

hard to get good photos as the rain clouds rolled in and rain started spitting

pebbles then swirls &pearls followed by crosshatch FMQ ... those crescent moons were hanging in the sky over California when we drove through the Sierra mountains last year ... my horses are always imagined flying over the earth 

hooking up with amys creative side who is hosting the Bloggers Quilt Festival 


Thursday, September 13, 2018

still working

i continue to work on my little kim diehls simple whatnots ... while i love the look of these mini quilts i must admit they are not simple and i have a love hate relationship with them ... i love the look but dislike making them ... but i feel if i bought them and invested my money i can not leave them to languish in my cupboard ... so out they have come once again and i only have 2 more to go ... wow... 16 out of 18 done

hanging out on the back fence

on binding because i plan to put them together to make a quilt as 18 mini quilts would be way too many to own ... i will keep you posted on that project