Monday, September 7, 2015

Can i wash that quilt you made me?

most of my quilts require many many hours of work and sometimes take several years to complete…altho i don't work on them full time…severals week ago my sister accidentally got wine on one of my quilts…to say i came slightly unglued would be true…for this i am truly sorry as sisters are much more important then "things "…my most wise daughter said " Well mom you need to make some quilts that are ok for people to use"…how did she get so wise…Good parenting!…yes she does read this blog…so i started on that project this afternoon…

i decided to do a simple nine patch quilt…i started with some scraps from my bin…great use of some of those fabrics…i will be using some of my seemly endless supply of fat quarters

love these colours…grey and orange

green and aqua…fresh and modern
more to come as i work on getting some of those scraps cut and sewn…looking forward to seeing the progress

Sunday, August 23, 2015

kids in your sewing space

in mid january i became the proud grandmother of a cute little boy…such a treat because as my son-in-law said when our granddaughter was born " i knew we would have girl because your family doesn't have boys…which is true…mostly girls so the boys are such a treat…all 3 of them…well now all 4 of them…my little boy has finally learned to move about..
 ok Lukas just what do you think you are doing…that quilt was all laid out..
 yes grandma i know but aren't i just the cutest little thing…yes and the world's biggest flirt
 how can anyone get upset with this cute little boy
 even the pattern isn't safe anymore…cubuz (translate from 3 year old speak into becuz) i eat paper for a snack
cute little auburn haired lad isn't he…but a terror in my sewing space...